Friday, August 5, 2011


Rogers aka 'Gwariboy' , the award winning soulful R'n'B singer/songwriter/producer is back this time with his newly released song 'GRACE' from his upcoming 'PLAYHOUSE SEASON' album and like every other time his passion for music is resonant in every note of this 'love song' he produced himself and in every word of his very bold and unique voice.

         'Grace' redifines R'n'B and is definately a 'must-listen' for every ear.. I personally have it on repeat.

Listen and Download
You can also Click to download GRACE : Lyrics

Thursday, July 7, 2011



  Meet King Bawa aka KHEENGZ @yungkheengz
Heres a young,hottie who hails from Niger State,Nigeria..
 King is a 4th Year Civil Engineering Student of ABU Zaria.....
Combining awesome with Brains and talent ...He's chasing two big dreams simultaneously and acing at them both!

Rap is his medium and he brings it with a flavour in his voice...
He blends youth with delicate vocals to deliver a Genre of Rap/HipHop he makes his own!
His First song was in 2008 titled "Teenage dreams"
King was inspired by the changes in life..and the expanse of the world that started with him getting into college

He most admires his  mum and takes IamPherow and JesseJags to be his Music Icons on the Nigerian scene..
 King hopes to become a succesful Rapper and Engineer and in 5yrs hopes to have made it big in both worlds..

King's voice is special...and his lines are fresh,youthful.. And definately Nigerian!

Hear it yourself

Listen and Download !

Cant Wait To Graduate-
Miles Away
Rap responsibly
# Who be dat
Beat Box

               Kheengz drops two hot new joints today 08:07:2011...
                                          Watch this space..

He's done various collabos with kodeblack
And the rest of the cypher crew!

Pink Ribbon

A while back..I wrote a long post about boys,boobs and bras....
Well,this time I'm talking about boobs again..but I won't be whining about unfitting bras or boys calling busty girls names and taking them for dumb..
This post is about the ugly thing that ruins gorgeous breasts ..

*About an Hour ago*
I'm sitting on my bed in my room hammering at my laptop keys. My gorgeous c-Cup roomate gets up and takes off her shirt!!.. *Ghen ghen*... Ok..stop thinking..!I'll tell you.. She didn't touch herself and begin to say dirty things to me ..and neither did she jump me with a dildo in her hand. (Imagining that just makes me mentally puke all over my sheets... (Gross!)..
What she did was go in front of the mirror and look at every inch of her breasts...then she raised her left arm over her head and used the right to press each segment of her left breast..quadrant by quadrant!! Feeling,touching,caressing with the flat of her palm... When she was done...She smiled with soo much contentment in her eyes!
My roomate is not a horny bored med student who is overstressed by the workload of being a student doctor..well,maybe a tiny bit.. But it wasn't the orgasmic look of satiety that was on her was simple relief that her Breasts were healthy and cancer-free.
I always knew a little about Breast Self-Examination and Breast cancer since I lost a family friend to it some 7years ago..but I never took it so serious. I just had that It-cant-Happen-to-me feeling that most of us usually have. Odeshi ba!..
Well..Medical School has taught me different. I've had to come face to face with the reality of breast cancer,the glaring ugly truth!..maybe not directly on my boobs..but my eyes have seen it..and my ears have heard it.. And damn I've had a big turnover!
...I've seen the early stages of cancer..where the middle-aged woman is hit with the awful news that d lump in her breast isn't just breast tissue..
...I've seen the malnourished baby who can't be breastfed because his mothers breasts are letting down milk tainted by blood streaks..
...I've seen a 21year old who the age stats were supposedly in favor of..until the ugliness peeked!
...I've seen the anguish,heard the complaints and even touched the fungating breasts of a women whose cancer had failed to regress even after months of painful therapy..
...I've seen the hair loss the drugs caused and the wigs they try to cover it up with which doesn't even do half the job..
...The heartbreak when u tell them they are going to have their feminine mounds cut off..and have to stuff their bras with pads and foam.

Each of these times...I've lived through it with them and I've trajected onto myself..
Cancer used to be for the older,the ones with family history of it,the people on pills for long years,the infertile....
Nowadays,the thing has turned on us..and its defying all the Facts previously associated with it... Its commoner and its more aggressive..
There's one good can be picked up early before it becomes completely malignant... And you can still save your mounds and avoid a lot of indescribable heartache!

Please,sisters...Press your Breasts,Touch them,Caress them...(If you wish,teach your boyfriend how to..2 birds yeah?) and check for signs of a bony hard or not..if you do,Pls see a doctor immediately...and if you don't Thank Jah and examine it again next month!

A chart for how its done.. Here!

You can also help others by clicking on this link

Please spread the Love and the word..

Blessed be...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Exactly a month and a week ago, an eclipse to our sunny happiness hit on a saturday night! We lost a dear friend,colleague and brother.
Auwal Bala Usman Shanono was the definition of humble and happy till his soul was ripped away by miscreants in a Nigerian Union of Road Traffic Workers' Car Park Clash in Ibadan…
This is a Tribute to his soul,his life and to the hereafter we continue to hope for him..
Death has again stolen from us and this time an Extraordinary gentleman who embodied Friendship,Leadership and true Vibrance. Auwal Bala Usman Shanono was to me and many others a brother,a friend,a colleague,a mentor and a Leader.

He was to me a pillar of hope,a strong tower of strength and perseverance. He taught me to follow my dreams and To be as stubborn as all life’s struggles thrown at me.
He exuded passion,love and friendship and had an air of Magnetism so strong it pulled any and all kinds of people.

If I were asked to describe him in one word it’ll be simple. ‘Happy’.
I always called you ‘Shaanonoooo’ with gladness in my heart each time I saw you.

I cannot forget the lilt in your voice or the ease in  your gait and the way you always cheered the gloom in every day.
Death has stolen from us a gem,a priceless being, A Bright Star in My Little world!
You are a Martyr of Faith and You’ll continue to live on in my heart! We love you.

I will remember u each time I walk the roads we walked together …
Allah Grant him An Abode in The Gardens of Jannah! (Ameen)

Ours is a country ruled by No law,no Love and no Peace…
Auwal may never get his justice,so in our little ways and with our little voices,we try to remember him for what he was..
We heal for him,smile for him…
And yes,I can finally live a little for him!

Auwal was the National President of the Nigerian Medical Students Association until his death...

Thursday, June 23, 2011



3rd base Inc. is a Jos based music group started in 2009 by 3 vibrant and music-souled men....
John Ida Michaels aka JohnnyBlayze
Terry Debo aka T-Bleece 
Meshak Igbanoi aka Mesh

  Each had an individual music career prior to their union! .. A recognition of 'like' talent drew the three into a partnership based on friendship and a common passion that has long since metamorphosed into a Brotherhood of Music .This trio share a common goal and are inspired by an innate and deep need to create magical music.


"Every true artist is inspired by the love for music! Ours goes beyond that! Its a hunger and unexplainable desire to produce and birth music! Talent is sure involved."- 3rd base

  Their genre of music is diverse and unrestricted....They do hiphop ,afro beats, R&B and a 'beat' of everything else with each one of them bringing a unique flavor to the mix...!
".....we go out of the box,out of our comfort zones and create magic!"
In a bid to take their music to greater heights,they have come up with a music series titled
Highly Entertaining Audio Transmission
The H.E.A.T is a music series where they release a number of brand new 'Hotttt', groovy,highly entertaining and market friendly songs weekly on famous sites and premier them on radio stations and popular blogs...
 The songs in the first edition are titled "AFRICAN BABY" and "NOCTURNAL" produced by Chopsticks (of GRIP boiz), Samklef (Mr Nonilizing) and Choc. city's JESSE JAGS!!!

 A glamorous RED CARPET RELEASE PARTY to launch the series comes up on the 2nd of July at ZODIAC(crest Hotel) Jos! with Jesse 'JAGO' Jags as the special guest act! Carpet coverage by E-more ENT.
SEASON 1 of THE H.E.A.T drops today!!!

click To Download other 3rd base joints....

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Cool like That -
2Hot2Handle -