Tuesday, June 21, 2011

ALL STAR SERIES - Rogers aka Gwariboy

His name is Rogers Y.J also known as Gwariboy -reasons for which he says are very special and very controversial.
A cool dude that's proudly Gbagyi by tribe and hails from Kaduna state, Nigeria.
Rogers is an IT major in Media in one of the famous Universities in Malaysia.
He lives and breathes music and quadriples as a musical producer,writer,singer and perfomer.
music to him is "a breath of fresh air
 He's been in love with music all his life and wrote his first song in 2003...and began the exploration of this sexy romantic affair with beats,notes and words.

"my inspiration comes from real life experiences,love,heartbreak,betrayal and spirituality.... " - Gwariboy
Rogers is a young star with dreams who most admires Christ Jesus .....as he says;
"He spent only 33years on earth and within those years was able to make his voice heard worldwide; at some point he became the only fresh news.." And like his Wonderman he is making his own smooth voice heard by mixing many styles and genres...Gospel,HipHop..and everything that can pass for music! (except,for metallic rock.."that genre is mad!")

He combines everything so well and delivers a flavour of music so unique in every way ,much like his vibrant persona ,that makes him a star,an artiste and a wonderful entertainer!

Achievements : Award winner 2010 African Entertainment Awards, Malaysia...Best R'n'B Category with nominations for Best writer/Inspirational song and also Best Collaboration..
Nominee, Producer of the Year and Best R'n'B ; 2011 African Entertainment Awards,Malaysia.

For your listening pleasure :
  'Kingdom Business ' by IBI feat Rogers : http://mp3twit.com/a8w
  'In The Mean Time' by Rogershttp://mp3twit.com/8pp
  'Ground Zero' by Rogers : http://mp3twit.com/7wp
  'Hala Hala master : http://mp3twit.com/6y3

and Watch out for a new joint cooking in the studios of rogers beats dropping soon...

Catch Gwariboy in action;


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